• Your professional working environment will be with you, when you remote track your advisees as well

    No matter where your advisee is, you can have professional body analysis results like you would have in your work environment with the Lifecare Body Analyzer, thus you can evaluate your advisee with the most accurate and detailed results.

    Things you can learn with the Lifecare Body Analyzer;

    Body Mass Index

    Total and Regional Impedance

    Total Fat Ratio and Weight

    Total Muscle Ratio and Weight

    Total Bone Ratio and Weight

    Body Lean Mass

    Metabolic Rate

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  • When you are supporting your advisees, Lifecare will support you

    With the Lifecare dietitian panel, you can see all the necessary information about your advisees on a single page in an organized way. This way you can easily plan personal nutrition programs for your advisees, follow them up and receive safe payment for these programs.

    With the Lifecare dietitian panel you can see the following in the advisee profile;

    Lifecare Body Analyzer Data

    Advisees' Health and Personal Information

    Advisees' Body Measurements

    Advisees' Meal Information

    Advisees' Blood Analysis Result

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  • Instant communication through Lifecare to ensure high motivation

    The online conversation feature on the Lifecare dietitian panel allows you to answer instant questions from your advisees or to instantly tell what you want to say to your advisees.

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