• Your body is more than it looks in the mirror!

    With Lifecare Body Analyzer, you can get the most accurate and detailed information about your body at home. You can do body analysis easily wherever and whenever you want, and contact the experts through Lifecare's professional dietitian system for the most suitable nutrition plan according to your results.

    Things you can learn with the Lifecare Body Analyzer;

    Body Mass Index

    Total and Regional Impedance

    Total Fat Ratio and Weight

    Total Muscle Ratio and Weight

    Total Bone Ratio and Weight

    Body Lean Mass

    Metabolic Rate

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      Professional Body Analysis

      Detailed body analysis by bio-impedance analysis using multi-frequency method

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      Lean Design and Easy-to-Use

      User-friendly interface, professional and reliable results with guides and simple design

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      Living Technology

      Remote monitoring system wherever you go via IoT technology

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      Safe and Reliable Results

      The most reliable analysis results by comprehensive measurement of your entire body

  • Your dietitian is a click away with Lifecare app!

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    Track your Body Analysis at any moment

    See the results of your measurements with the Lifecare analyzer

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    See your nutrition plan

    Get in touch with your dietitian and easily reach your specially created diet program

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    Contact your nutritionist through the Lifecare app or website

    Communicate with your dietitian at any moment and get professional support

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